Tuesday, 14 June 2011


I am not good at this whole blogging thing! I can do it for a day or two and then I completely forget about it! I'm really trying to get into the habit of doing this everyday, I swear!

This past weekend we celebrated my birthday. Friday we spent the night at a friends house and ordered pizza in at 2 am after a succesful night of drinking. Saturday we went out to my farm, then to the city where we picked up a couple things we needed and went out for supper. Then made the 3 hour drive home and went out for more drinks with friends. At 4:30am we decided we needed to go for a round of golf! Can you believe it! We got home at 10am and crashed hard all day sunday! I feel like my sleeping pattern and food schedule is all off! I was so hungry yesterday all day, but I managed to stay OP!

We picked up a new tv yesterday, So I'll be able to run on the treadmill and not have the tv go on and off! We also took the tv stand from the farm, and I rearranged the basement so we have a "living room" now. Our basement desperately needs a good painting.. maybe a winter project this year!

Then tonight, we are planning on moving the bed in the spare room out, and putting the spare tv upstairs, so I can do my zumba/insanity or play wii upstairs. I think I'll end up putting it in the living room so I can play my wii games, but for zumba, etc it will be nice to have the spare room.

Anyway, I should get back to work :)

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