Thursday, 26 May 2011

My new weightloss journey

Starting today, I'm journaling this.. I'm tracking my food, my moods, my energy, everything!

I've set up a new blog, I'm actually pretty excited about it. I hope that I can stick to it this time.

My wedding is August 13, 2011 and right now I am 136lbs. I would like to fit into my dress and feel good wearing jeans and a tshirt and not have that "paunch" as I call it sticking over. I figure if I lose about 15lbs or so that would be great, but really all I want to do is tone up. I need motivation, I need someone to support me, I need help. I feel really selfish saying that because I never ask for help, I'm so independant and I always do everything on my own, but this is different. I feel so scared right now. Like what if this doesn't work, what if everyone finds out I'm on Weight Watchers and trying to loose weight.. I was always that skinny little girl in highschool, but thats not me now! I mean, I know I'm not fat, but I'm definetly not in shape anymore.. I used to be a long distance runner but look at me now! A 4km walk tires me out and a 30minute bike ride is about all I can do! But thats it.. I've had enough.. I'm starting this and I will finish it! Well thats not what I mean, because really its a lifestyle change not a diet right?

Thats all for now :)

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